How to get on page one of Google

Rahmon Coupe runs SEO firm YourAmigo from Adelaide, and says getting on page one of Google isn’t as hard as it sounds.

“Quality content is really important. Think about what people are searching on that’s relevant to your content, having good titles, including those keywords more than once on your web page and getting some good external links and other people linking into your quality content from separate websites.”

“But at the end of the day, if you’ve got a quality website, and in fact SmartCompany is a good example of that, the content is very high quality and that will naturally bring people linking to your content.”

“You’re absolutely right. There’s a very big, different world – let’s call it the creative people that are responsible for how the website looks and sometimes that involves Flash and other things but that’s a very different world to how a search engine views the site.”

“So I think in the design of a website it needs to be a blend between a creative side, but also considering search and I guess the other thing is when you do bring in a company to help externally with search engine optimisation, you really need to look at how that company is helping you.”

Read more about Rahmon Couple and YourAmigo.


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