Kids master entertainment multi-tasking

Teenagers commonly go online to find information at the same time as they watch TV or engage in some other form of entertainment, a new Grunwald Associates study reported by Online Media Daily reveals.

The online survey of more than 1200 US teens found that 64% go online while watching TV, with 49% describing it as something they regularly do. And 73% engage in some form of multi-tasking between TV, internet, mobile phones and music players.

Amazingly, about 40% of the teenagers surveyed said they devote equal attention to each of the two or more media they use when multi-tasking, an achievement no doubt only made possible because of their young supple brains.

There appears to be real marketing opportunities in the emergence of this trend, particularly in the cross over between TV watching and internet use: 33% of teens said they have participated in online polls, entered contests, played online games or other online activities that television programs have directed them to while they are watching.


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