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Having different email addresses automatically sorts incoming messages and saves me having to wade through clutter I don’t want to read at the time.


Now I’ve managed to get my new mobile phone to access my email, I thought I would share how I set up my email because I am feeling a bit chuffed with myself.


First, I have a number of different email addresses:


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


So why do I have all these email addresses?


1. The ugly looking email address at the top was given to me by my ISP. I never use it because it’s ugly and therefore hard to remember/get right; and it makes changing from my ISP a hassle if I am using their email system.


2. The lewisfamily address is for my friends and family. They know this is my address no matter which ISP I am with and I will have it forever. I have set up my work computer to download content from the mailbox, but not delete it. I have set up my home computer to download emails, then delete them from the mailbox. This is so I know what is going on while I am at work, even though the proper place for dealing with these emails is at home.


3. The [email protected] address is for all the newsfeeds I sign up to. This separates the emails full of general stuff, from the emails that want me to do something.


4. The [email protected] address is the one I use for important emails in regards to work. My home computer is set up to download from this mailbox but not delete, so I can keep up to date at home with what’s going on without having to address it.


The cool thing about having newsfeeds going to a different mailbox than emails sent specifically to me is that when I am out and about I can check if any important email has come in, without getting the clutter of 20 different newsfeed items. My mobile phone is set up to download but not delete from my [email protected] mailbox only.


Now I think that’s clever.


(BTW, if you try to send an email to any of the above addresses, don’t bother: it will bounce. I have changed them slightly so I don’t end up with a whole lot of spam.)


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