Rich execs take to online media

The wealthiest demographic of business executives are getting an increasingly large amount of their news and views from the web, according to a new survey reported by Online Media Daily.

Ipsos MediaCT asked more than 2000 executives in medium and large sized companies in the US where they prefer to get their news from, and found that while they have maintained their traditional attachment to old style platforms such as newspapers, they’re turning more often to online sources.

According to the survey, the internet is now the primary source of news for top business executives, followed by national and local newspapers. And even where they go first to print, two in five said they will consult the publication’s website as well and 72% said a business publications’ website is an important part of its offerings.

Blogging is also making its way up from the grassroots to the boardroom, with almost 30% of respondents saying they read blogs and 4% saying they contribute.


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