The video version of Twitter

A new internet site focused on sharing moments of people’s lives in 12 second video clips is starting to gain massive popularity, and is being compared to social networking site Twitter.

The site is being used to upload clips of people’s lives, with videos of President Barack Obama’s inauguration being uploaded to users checking into a hotel

Founder Sol Lipman says the site is deliberately designed for people to communicate in as short a time as possible, and that 12seconds has doubled in users every month for the past quarter..

“Twitter is leading a revolution in how people communicate with each other and I think we’re riding that wave right now,” says Lipman, who also says anything more than 12 seconds is usually boring.

“We’re all about status updates and we’re all about sharing short bursts of video moments… you don’t need to watch a 10 minute video of your friends at the bar – broadcasting 12 seconds is plenty.”


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