Trujillo praises Labor; Coonan not happy

Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan has hit out at extraordinary comments by Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo tacitly endorsing Labor’s broadband policy.

Trujillo told an investor’s conference in the US this week that the Australian Government had made “stupid mistakes” in its broadband policy and that the situation could be “no worse off” under Labor.

Trujillo said Labor’s Kevin Rudd had placed broadband at the centre of Labor’s economic policy.

“I personally believe any leader in any government around the world has to think that way,” Trujillo said in a speech reported by the ABC.

Coonan today leapt on the comments to attack Labor, suggesting Turjillo’s words were designed to soften up Labor.

“There is a very real risk that Labor won’t be able to stand up to the bullying of Telstra,” Coonan told the ABC.


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