What does the online future hold?

Cheap, mobile, and internet-connected handheld computing devices are the next big thing on the digital horizon according to Paul Otellini, the chief executive of global PC microchip giant Intel.

iTWire reports that, in a keynote speech to the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, Ottelini said that ultra low power, net-connected pocket mobile devices, using wireless technologies such as WiMax, will become widespread in the next five years.

Otellini argues internet access will become ubiquitous – he believes via WiMax wireless internet technology – allowing people to use more efficient mobile computing devices to access what he calls the “personal internet.”

In what some might consider a self-serving address, Otellini nevertheless crafted a credible story of a future with the internet integrated into the mainstream of consumer electronics and communications.

“The personal internet of tomorrow will serve you – delivering the information you want, when you want it, how you want, wherever you are,” Otellini says.

For his vision to become reality, Otellini said four challenges need to be overcome – microprocessors have to become smaller, more powerful and more energy efficient; the spread of wireless broadband infrastructure needs to accelerate; internet search has to become more efficient; and handheld internet user interfaces have to improve so people can use their voices and gestures to engage with the internet.


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