Android creator Andy Rubin working on Google’s secret (real-life) android project

Tech entrepreneur and inventor Andy Rubin, best known for creating Google’s Android mobile operating system, has revealed his latest project involves working on androids – of the robotic kind.

In an interview with the New York Times, Rubin reveals that he has been heading up a “moonshot” project within Google working on robotics.

“I have a history of making my hobbies into a career,” Rubin said.

“This is the world’s greatest job. Being an engineer and a tinkerer, you start thinking about what you would want to build for yourself.”

The project includes staff from seven robotics companies recently acquired by the smartphone and web services giant, with industrial or supply chain automation rather than consumer products believed to be the initial market.

Andy Rubin co-founded Android in 2003 as a follow-up to his previous venture, Danger, which developed the HipTop and Sidekick series of smartphones.

After selling Android to Google in 2005 – two years prior to the release of the iPhone – Rubin was placed in charge of Google’s smartphone operations.

In March of this year, Rubin stood aside from leadership of the Android team, with his position absorbed into Sundar Pichai’s role overseeing Chrome and apps.


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