Tech-sus fold ’em: Samsung reveals its new foldable smartphone

Samsung fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Source: Samsung.

If you’ve ever felt a pang of nostalgia for your mid-2000s flip phone, your retro-prayers have been answered with Samsung’s release of its first-ever foldable phone.

Though we’re not sure if anyone ever really asked for a foldy phone, we’ve got one, with the Korean tech giant officially unveiling it at its latest phone reveal yesterday in the US. Called the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the phone isn’t as fun and flexible as you might be picturing.

The Galaxy Fold can fold in half, transforming from a narrow phone-like form factor to a wider tablet-like one, thanks to what Samsung calls the “Infinity Flex Display”. The main fold is hinged, and unfurls with a satisfying ‘click’, reportedly.

At its full level of unfoldedness, the phone measures an impressive 7.3 inches. However upon folding, the phone-like screen measures at just 4.6 inches, significantly smaller than a standard smartphone device.

While critics have praised Samsung for its innovation in the sometimes-stale smartphone industry, many have also questioned the purpose and practicality of the phone, noting many apps (for the time being) will not support a phone which changes form-factor so drastically.

However, with more foldable phones on the way, this is sure to change quickly. A number of larger phone manufacturers rumoured to unveil similar devices at 2019’s Mobile World Congress next month.

Australians can pick up the Galaxy Fold later this year, but you’ll be shelling out significantly for it, with the phone priced at $US1,980 ($2,762) overseas.

Alongside the Fold, Samsung also took the wraps off the latest line of its flagship Galaxy S series, with four new Galaxy S10 devices being released.

With a snappy new Dynamic AMOLED display, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and a slew of new camera technology, the S10 seems like a worthy addition to Samsung’s line of flagship phones. The company has also released a 5G ready version of the S10, along with a smaller and cheaper compact version (S10e) and an all-the-bells-and-whistles ceramic version (S10+).

The standard S10 will set you back $1,349, and the S10+ will cost you $1,499.

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