Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launches in Australia

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launches in Australia

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones are now available for pre-order in Australia and are set to ship to consumers on April 10, with all three major mobile carriers announcing major revisions to their plan structures ahead of the launch.

Both smartphones were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month, and feature an iPhone-like metal and glass design and wireless charging. However, both phones exclude several key features from their predecessor, including wireless charging and removable batteries.

Purchased outright, the Galaxy S6 will cost $999 for the 32 gigabyte version, $1149 for the 64 gigabyte version or $1299 for 128 gigabytes. The Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a screen that curves over the sides of the device, costs $1149 for 32 gigabytes or $1299 for 64 gigabytes.

After Optus announced earlier this month it is bundling a six-month Netflix subscription with various broadband and mobile packages, Telstra has revealed it will bundle a six-month Presto subscription on some of its mobile plans from April 9. Vodafone, meanwhile, bundles a Spotify subscription on its plans.

Telstra has also overhauled its residential and business plans ahead of the launch, including boosting the amount of included data on its Easy Share Business plans to between 1.5 gigabytes at $65 per month, through to 10 gigabytes at $135 per month.


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