The e-commerce platform that’s dominating the market

We were talking about e-commerce sites last week, and a lot of people asked me about WordPress and WooCommerce.

What about them? I left them off the list on purpose. The main reason for this is that WooCommerce, as far as I know, doesn’t allow you to manage inventory across different marketplaces in the way that Amazon, eBay, and the likes do. There may be a plugin out there for it, but I’m not aware of one. As far as WooCommerce goes, it’s great if you want to turn your WordPress site into an e-commerce site, but if you look at the numbers, Shopify is blowing everyone out of the water right now.

Now, WordPress has been declining by about 7-8% annually in global search volume, and it’s still trending downward. If you’re making a decision on a new e-commerce site platform, I tell you what, Shopify is looking like the one to choose. With WordPress, you’ve got to find a hosting company, you’ve got to install WooCommerce, you’ve got to make sure all the shopping carts and catalogues work across all the pages. 

With Shopify, everything’s kind of already there. It’s a complete turnkey package for a relatively low monthly fee and I think that’s where people are turning to. A lot of the self-marketing gurus are promoting it because of its drop-shipping ability. That’s just one of the many reasons people who just want a quick site are turning to Shopify. 

We were surprised to find that Magento is trending downward right along with WordPress, but loads of people love the simplicity. If you’re looking to start something brand new, or just to try something out on a budget, I suggest you take a look at Shopify for an easy solution. 

Hope that helps, and if you’ve got any comments, drop me a line.

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