How to do a quick SEO site review: Video

How to do a quick SEO site review: Video

Next week I’ll be at the PeSA Conference where I’ll be conducting SEO audits in 15 min blocks. Here is how I quickly assess a site for SEO.


1. Screaming Frog


  • Probably the best SEO tool around
  • Brings everything together so you can quickly see SEO elements easily
  • Identifies broken links
  • Makes it easy to see duplicate page titles, no-index tags, canonical tags and use of heading tags


2. Index check


A quick search of site:webaddress will immediately tell you how many pages Google has crawled.


3. SEO elements check


  • You need to use your keywords where Google needs to see them to understand what a page is about.
  • For instance, if I wanted to rank for “How to do a quick SEO site review” I have it in the URL, page title and it is the H1 at the top of the page.


4. Backlink check


Do a backlink check to:

  • see how many bad or spammy backlinks a site has; and
  • to see if any work has been done on sharing site content.


5. External duplication check


Grab a block of text off the home page and Google it. This will reveal other pages Google has crawled with the same content.

Jim Stewart is one of the country’s leading experts in search engine optimisation and his business Stew Art Media has worked with large clients including Mars, M2 and the City of Melbourne. He can be contacted here or on Twitter here.


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