Which metric should you focus on to build your brand?

I want to talk about growing your numbers today and to do that, it’s all about building your brand. Businesses of all sizes are growing their brands, and their rankings are rising because of it.

Let’s start by looking at Skinnymixer’s numbers. The owner built her brand at home and went from 1200 organic visits a day to 12,000 by simply fixing technical SEO errors!

With digital marketing and SEO, it’s usually about what button to push or focussing on one particular metric. One of the ways you can check to see if you’ve got a strong brand is by checking Google Search Console. Look in there for Search Analytics to see your branded traffic. You want it to get up to around 50%. Now, you’ve got to start with a reasonable sample size. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need at least 2000 to 5000 clicks per month to get a valid view. But if you’ve got that and you can get your branded search up around 50%, you’re on the right track in growing your brand. And if you grow your brand, you’re going to get more loyal customers, better click-through rates, and higher conversion rates.

Someone asked me if the bounce rate really matters, and I told them that it didn’t. I mean, if I’m getting the right conversion rates and hitting my revenue goals, why should I care about the bounce rate? It’s all about which avenue is the best one to exploit for your brand. You don’t necessarily need massive advertising spin. Go heavy on your niche customers and you can grow your brand like that.

The winners today aren’t focussing so much on SEO; they’re focussing strictly on building their brand.

This article was originally published on stewartmedia.com.au.

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