Focus on the destination and not the journey

I want to talk to you a little bit more about revenue this week because that’s primarily what we focus on.

A lot of people think we’re an SEO company, but SEO is just the tool we use to get our results. It’s a bit like a contractor calling itself a hammer company.

Once you’ve worked out what your goal is, you can work out your strategy. It’s only then you can decide on the tactics to use for implementing that strategy and reaching your goal.

That’s how we work with businesses, especially e-commerce. We love it because it’s much easier to measure results and see the return on your effort right away. You don’t have to sit around and wait, like with a lead gen site, before you can measure how much revenue was generated by each move.

For instance, when we look at certain sales channels for a company we’ve been working with, you’ll see we’ve been working on another speed fix. I talk about speed all the time. People think you’ve got to do it for Google, but really, Google focuses on it because it’s good for your customers. So think about your customers first before you think about how Google will react to anything.

For us, when working with e-commerce clients, the idea is to look at revenue every day. Are we increasing? Are we going to hit our goal this month? And also, where do we invest our money to get the best return on that investment? Basically, don’t worry about traffic numbers. If you’re hitting your revenue goals, that’s the important number to reach.

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