SEO tips for a wedding planner: Video

SEO tips for a wedding planner: Video

Last week, I had a bunch of sites to choose from last week for the SEO audit. This week, I did an audit of the Girl Friday wedding planners website.

Here are some of the common issues I found, with the help of a tool called Screaming Frog:

  • Too many 302 website redirects. Get rid of them.
  • No-one is likely to search for the phrase “Melbourne and Sydney wedding planners”.
  • The singular version of the term (“wedding planner”) gets five times as much traffic as the plural (“wedding planners”). You can find out whether singular or plural works better for your industry in Google Trends.
  • There are two H1 tags on the front page. Ask your web developer to make one of the headings a “style” or “div” tag.
  • Have your website name at the end, not the beginning of your website title.
  • Avoid generic categories, such as “Advices”, as part of your URL.

Jim Stewart is one of the country’s leading experts in search engine optimisation and his business Stew Art Media has worked with large clients including Mars, M2 and the City of Melbourne. He can be contacted here or on Twitter here.


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