How simple SEO changes can result in huge revenue increases

Last week, we tried something a little different on a site we’re working with. We were looking at optimising their conversion rates and found they had two pages that had the highest rates on the whole site. We thought, “Why not make them top level navigation items?”.

So we did.

After collecting data on this change for 10 days, we were amazed at the numbers. We increased the mobile revenue by 96%. With just two links! This sort of thing keeps coming back, showing over and over that you’ve got to make it easier for your site users, and that has to begin right at the search results. Make it easy for the user to decide what to click on. That’s only going to improve your rankings, because Google will see your site as one with good user experience. It will increase your site’s rankings, and that means one thing: more money!

These days, SEO is all about having a great user experience. Things like indexing your crappy URLs, getting your page speed up, and reducing page duplication. People might talk about this being technical SEO, but to us, it’s all about improving the user experience.

After the initial look, we went searching for Bing results. Bing? Here’s the thing: Bing is great for conversions. The problem is trying to get the volume up, but Bing ads generally have a much higher conversion rate. Their users are generally an older crowd, and don’t know how to change their browser or, pretty much, anything else on their device.  This tells you the direction to take with your Bing ads. Make them simple, make it easy for users to find what they want, and you’ll see huge conversion rates and a big uptick in revenue.

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