The best advertising to support SEO: Video

The best advertising to support SEO: Video

I’m in Sydney at CeBIT this week, which is a lot of fun. I could think of worse places to be than at conference immersed in full-on tech geekery. We have a stand here and I am talking to a lot of marketers about the problems they are facing with their SEO.

There are a couple of themes I seem to be constantly sharing with e-commerce site owners, which I wanted to share with you.

How long for SEO?

One bloke had 300 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) but nearly 90,000 pages indexed. That’s bad and it’s a mess. What’s worse, it could take a long time to fix too. Months. It’s a lot to ask a business owner to be patient and have faith that the SEO will eventually kick in. For e-commerce sites, we approach a campaign slightly differently than we would a non-e-commerce site. We use paid advertising to get the sales cranked up while we’re waiting for the SEO to catch up. There are two main types of ads we use which are going gang busters.

Google Shopping

This is a product that came out of beta late last year and is probably the best Google ad product I have used. It absolutely smashes it. Spend $1 to make $15 is what we expect to see for most campaigns. If you want access to our webinar on Google Shopping email us. You could also check out my post on Google shopping I did a few months ago

Facebook ads

There’s lots of moaning in the industry about Facebook changing the game and businesses posts on their pages not having as much reach or visibility as they once did. YAWN. Seriously get on Facebook ads and forget about building a community on your page. I need to do a whole show on this subject it’s so important.

Why anyone would be mucking about with trying to build a “community” on Facebook when you could be selling stuff escapes me.

Best e-commerce conference

As you know I’ve been doing the Pesa conference for a number of years now. What worked really well last year was booking people in so they could “pick my brain” You can do that with this fantastic service bookitlive. Hope to see you there.


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