Sweat the small stuff: How a small UX fix can increase your revenue sixfold

I want to focus on revenue again with you this week because, not only is it great for your bottom line, but it’s a lot of fun!

One current e-commerce client of ours had some great mobile traffic but a really poor conversion rate. Despite getting great numbers, they just weren’t seeing the revenue they should have been. We did a simple UX fix and that caused organic mobile revenue to rise 600%!

I really enjoyed our change to the revenue model. It’s a lot of fun, and we’re seeing some great results. It’s really all about looking at the small details to instigate big changes and obtain the desired result. This one client I want to talk about had 48% mobile traffic to his site, making mobile the largest audience he had. So it made sense to really optimise the mobile part of his business.

His e-commerce conversion rates across the board weren’t really all that great, with conversion rates under 1%. We knew there was something wrong there, and it’s usually a user experience issue. So this is an ongoing project, but we’ve got some preliminary results from a strong data set. For organic traffic, we’ve increased the conversion rate to over 30%, which resulted in 9% extra revenue. Pretty good, but not fantastic. And then we went to look at organic in mobile and found revenue was up over 600%. And this isn’t a small sample size, it’s across the board. Bottom line, if it remains on track, then it should add up to over half a million dollars annually.

What did we do? We found out that a certain class of mobile user wasn’t having a great experience. We fixed that and, ta-da! A huge increase in revenue. As I said, it’s all about the small details.

This article originally published on stewartmedia.com.au.

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