Square takes first steps towards global payments offering

Square takes first steps towards global payments offering

US-based mobile payments provider Square has quietly started turning on more international services, TechCrunch reports.

Square’s products allow businesses to turn iOS and Android devices into point-of-sale registers.

Updated Square Register apps in the iOS and Android app stores now note that they support 130 currencies and “worldwide use of Register, even in countries without integrated Square processing”.

Square Register is the virtual part of its offering. It allows businesses to keep track of sales and inventory, manage items and view analytics.

But while Square Register has been turned on globally, hardware and payment processing are yet to arrive. The Square Reader and Square Stand accessories give smartphones and iPads the ability to process credit card payments.

Sources told TechCrunch Square has been in talks with merchant acquirers and others in the payment processing chain in Europe for the past six months.


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