Tim Cook’s statement of intent: It’s time to connect with your customers

Tim Cook’s statement of intent: It’s time to connect with your customers

Since August 2011 when Apple chief executive Tim Cook took over from the late, great Steve Jobs, we’ve been looking for Tim to make a statement and make an impact. Last week, he may have done just that. 

With the launch of two new mobile phones with big screens, better displays and battery life and improved camera performance, Apple is certainly looking to do what we have been predicting for some time and which Samsung has been promoting with its similar-sized offerings.

A focus on health as a key consumer product offering also sees both of these major suppliers competing head on. So where is the difference, and how does that relate to you in business you ask?

What I really like from Tim’s presentation was the much-awaited Apple Watch and the new wallet offering.

It’s interesting that Apple is turning back the clock so to speak. Look around and many of the younger generation don’t wear watches. Ask them why and they will tell you they rely on their phones.

I believe that the Apple Watch can be to watch-wearing what JK Rowling’s Harry Potter was to reading for young people – game changing!

Expect more people to wear more watches and for this to be a great frontier leading into the Christmas gift buying battle.

One aspect which might be of concern is the price premium Apple charges at a time when Samsung dominates and has created a leadership in large screen phones. This will not affect the diehard Apple stalwarts who will buy Apple products regardless.

The price premium may, however, cause those who are not quite so devoted to consider the Android platform as their preferred choice. Of course other offerings beyond Samsung are options, but their growing minority is not significant enough at this time.

So what do we conclude? The race is now more crucial and competitive than ever to supply larger smartphones and smart watches; that Samsung is the leader in the larger screen phones, with 34% of the market according to Canalys (as reported in The Australian); and that it’s getting harder to make a between the major brands.

More importantly, what does it mean for your business?  

It means that if you want to be in the ‘sweet spot’ of communication and sending alerts that show up in smartphones and smart watches and for your company special offers to be promoted ubiquitously – you need to have an app.

You need to have your brand in Apple’s App Store and in the Google Play store as well. Your business needs to be innovating and not just thinking it’s the role of the great companies like Apple and Samsung. You need to be where your customer’s eyes and minds are. It can start small, but it needs to happen with the same priority and speed that we are seeing technology move.

Please don’t let your business get left behind due to apathy or lack of technological expertise. Speak to experts and get advice.

Dennis Benjamin is the founder and chief executive of mobile apps specialists AppsWiz and the Informatel Group. He is an expert in the areas of mobile trends, mobile apps, apps for businesses, entrepreneurship, and startups.



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