Twitter launches mobile app development platform

Twitter launches mobile app development platform

Twitter has launched an app development framework called Fabric, allowing developers to easily integrate the social media giant’s sign-in systems and ad network into their apps.

The software development kit is modular, with modules covering bugfixing (Crashlytics), Twitter feed integration (Twitter Kit), in-app mobile ads powered by Twitter (MoPub Kit) and identity verification (Digits).

It integrates with a number of popular integrated development environments for mobile apps, including Xcode, Eclipse, Android Studio and IntelliJl.

Troubleshooting and diagnostic tool Crashlytics is a tool that identifies when an app crashes, with Twitter claiming it can isolate the root cause of a crash right down to the exact line of code.

Twitter Kit allows tweets to be integrated directly into an app, meaning that, for example, an online publication could embed a tweet in an article and have it appear on both the web and mobile app versions of the article. It also allows users to compose and send tweets from within apps.

Businesses and app developers can also monetise their apps by integrating ads served through Twitter’s ad network through a module called MobPub Kit.

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