Your deepest intentions exposed and for sale

Your deepest intentions exposed and for sale

The internet knows more about us than our family and friends.

The never ending capture of personal data and keyword searches, cookies dropped at every turn, we give ourselves and our privacy up freely.  

Keeping location based services on our apps, it’s not hard to imagine the internet will know when you go to the toilet and send an offer for a certain type of toilet roll. 

The internet and its giants, are getting smart in a George Orwellian way, it knows, they know, our wants, needs, desires and inner most thoughts.

The way we search and terms we use are all insights into our intentions, our feelings and our desired purchases.

Add customer data and our intentions and desires are starting to be put into context, into a relevancy that becomes a VPP, a Viable Person Profile.

Take it a level further and mash in the entire lovely social media content.

The Twitter call outs for recommendations, the reviews written, the images of our desires on Pinterest, the social environment recorded on Instagram and Facebook, the professional conversation and groups we are on Linked In.

These three things deliver the biggest opportunity the marketing industry has ever had at its disposal.

It delivers consumer context and intent in a very real powerful way. A VVPI !! A Very Viable Person of Interest.

To be able to add a tracking on key groups of consumers and mash up these three key data collection opportunities using psychological and social trace;

  • How we search and our keywords data collection
  • Customer data collection
  • Social media data collection

This has wholly changed the previous models of intention to purchase or predictive behaviour, as we have the opportunity to clarify those intentions and behaviours in deep context with the biggest data and visibility we have ever had at our disposal.

Take that to the marketing industry this proves to be the most powerful opportunity to reinvent and makes Tarp figures extinct.

The possibility for marketer’s is an intentions / predictive based model that has been evaluated by the biggest outpouring of information available about ourselves and the context of our lives that the world has ever seen.


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