Free short course: 10 essential things your business plan needs

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Your business plan needs to be many things to many different people – a clear vision of the business you want to build, a roadmap of its future prospects and a confidence-builder for potential investors.

Above all, it needs to be a flexible, dynamic document that articulates what your business does and how it will do it.

Unfortunately, many start-ups slip up when putting together this fundamental building block of their business. The result is a directionless business that will struggle to gain funding beyond family and friends.

In this FREE short course, we outline the 10 essential steps you need to take to create a winning business plan.

  1. Beware information overload
  2. A pitch-perfect executive summary
  3. Showcase the team
  4. Create an action plan
  5. Why you’ll whip your competitors
  6. Bring your business to life
  7. Perfect, logical figures
  8. Bring your customers to life
  9. The ultimate marketing plan
  10. Avoid the deadly sins

  Free eBook  

You will also receive a free e-book at the end of the course if you elect to hear from the sponsor, ANZ. This eBook contains all the lessons from this short course, forming a handy go-to guide.



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