Free Short Course: The simple guide to technology security in your business

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Increasingly, the threat of data theft and hacking is keeping start-up entrepreneurs awake at night. As businesses shift key information – such as contact details, accounts and invoices – to the cloud, digital security has become a pressing issue.

Recent server hacks in Australia and overseas demonstrate the consequences of failing to prevent a worst-case scenario or, at the very least, prepare for it. It’s not just stored data that you have to worry about. There is now more hardware than ever before – think smartphones and tablet devices – to misplace.

Over 10 emails, you’ll receive an in-depth tip each day on how you can prevent a tech disaster and improve technology security in your business.

Sign up for this free short course for tips covering:

  1. The security mindset
  2. Creating strong passwords
  3. Security in the cloud
  4. Removable devices
  5. Travelling services
  6. Don’t trust that free WiFi
  7. Laptop security
  8. Protecting your tablet computer
  9. Safety at your desktop
  10. Securing servers

  Bonus eBook  

Sign up for the short course and opt in to hear more from Optus Business and you’ll also receive a free eBook at the end of the course.

The eBook contains all the lessons from the short course, forming a handy, go to guide.



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