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How to prepare a realistic business plan
While it’s important to plan, not everyone needs a formal business plan.

A checklist for a solid business plan
Is your business plan an expertly crafted, zero-risk proposal or a waste of time?

Must I do a business plan?
Business plans help entrepreneurs think through the logistics, possibilities and
pitfalls of their operations and to clarify their goals.

 Solving the business plan puzzle
Yes, some business plans are out-of-date as soon as they are written. But we should not undervalue what it tells us about what is going on around us.

Stress test your business plan
The only way to remain in business in this climate is to plan. Scenario planning and stress testing become more important than ever before.

Does my boss need a business plan?
There are two problems if you have no plan. You have no targets and you cannot see your future. Both threaten the business.


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