SmartCompany Crown Lager Business Start Up Awards 2009


Crown Lager – Start Something Special Award

(Overall Winner: receives a $5,000 SmartCompany Advertising Package) – This award recognises the start-up with the highest revenue in 2008-09. To qualify, a start-up must have recorded at least one full year of revenue and must be under four years old (that is, started after 2005).

Start Up Hero

(Winner receives a $5,000 SmartCompany Advertising Package) – This award is open to the owner or founder of any business under four years of age. Our expert judging panel will be looking at the idea behind your business, how you’ve targetted your niche, and the story behind your personal start-up journey.

Best Start Up Product

This award recognises the company that has brought the best new product to market.

Best Start Up Idea

This award recognises the company with the best value proposition – a business idea so strong that it has the power to change its industry.

Green Start Up

This award recognises the best company in the area of green business.

People’s Choice Start Up

This award will be judged by our community. The company that attracts the most clicks from their 140-character Twitter elevator pitch takes the prize.


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