cloud computing for business video 4

Video 4: How do you move your business into the cloud? Cloud Computing for Business

This video explains how small and medium businesses should think about Cloud Computing. Discover how Cloud services can help small businesses enjoy all the benefits of the latest IT tools, without the burden of owning and maintaining them. Whether the business is a start-up trying to conserve cash, an expanding business struggling with growing pains or a mature business wanting to respond quickly to new opportunities and markets, the cloud has much to offer. This video reveals the many benefits businesses can gain from Cloud Computing. With no capital costs and quick deployment, a fast growing business can add new users and applications as needed. Set up a whole IT infrastructure for your company in matter of hours for a fraction of the cost of owning it yourself.

Discover how Cloud Computing can help you enable greater collaboration and keep mobile workers fully connected, without a massive IT investment.

This video looks at this highly misunderstood area, and reveals how the Cloud Computing can actually help to reduce business risk.

It also looks at how the cloud takes security issues, such as the need for constant patches and updates – off your hands, making sure your systems are always up to date with the latest version. In this way, the cloud moves security issues out of your office. Likewise, levels of reliability are generally much greater than running your own servers.

This video explains how to move your business to the cloud. As well as looking at the low cost of making the shift, it also examines how it can lower IT costs across your business in general.

As cloud computing gets rid of the need for servers, businesses may find an immediate saving. And because you only pay per user, per service, you can keep costs down and can add new users and services as needed.

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