Expert Tips for Growing your Business with Social Channels

There is no denying the power and influence that social channels hold, particularly when it comes to shaping and influencing consumer opinion.

A key additional ingredient to success is the ability to gather enough information to continue the conversation outside social networks and really drive prospects to purchase.

Citrix GoToMeeting is offering six complimentary content-based resources for improving your effectiveness with social channels, written exclusively by leading international experts.

How to Build your Social Media Influence and Leadership

This eBook by Gihan Perera, rated by Forbes magazine as the #5 social media influencer worldwide in book publishing, explains the 4 key elements of a social media influence strategy.

Top 10 Questions Frequently asked about Twitter

This best practice Q&A for marketers, from social media trainer Wendy McAuliffe, reveals all the techniques you’ll need to tweet your brand to success.

Build a Powerful Online Presence in One Hour a Week

In this brief, Gihan Perera, author of Fast, Flat & Free, explains how to build a killer social media presence without becoming a slave to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.

Getting Liked and Getting Data

This new whitepaper explains how to really drive prospects to purchase, you need to gather enough information to continue the conversation outside social networks.

LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed

This eBook by bestselling author Jill Konrath, reveals secrets from top sellers who use LinkedIn to open doors, expand their business and increase their visibility and contact with decision makers.

How to set up a Brand-run Blogger Network

This brief by community expert Wendy McAuliffe, provides useful lessons for setting up a brand-run blogger network, planning your content and utilising events.

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