National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network plan is good for all smart companies. It is a highly ambitious plan that will fundamentally change people’s businesses – where they do business, where they locate their business, and the way they will do business. We can use fast broadband to market our products to the world faster and more cheaply. And we can use fast cheap broadband to communicate and link with each other through video, teleconferencing, wikis and new ways we can’t even dream of.

And it won’t matter where your business is located, in the dining room or Pitt Street. Or whether your business is small, home-based or solo. The world will soon be just a click away.

Read the latest news on Australia’s National Broadband Network plan here

Broadband network could push up property development costs

Property experts are divided about whether the Federal Government’s national broadband network will push up property development costs and affect home affordability. Read more

When should I start planning for the new broadband network?

 Nerds like me all over Australia are feeling vindicated for the hours we spend huddled over computers. This project throws computer technologies to the forefront- Read more

Questions raised over viability and timing of broadband plan

 While information technology industry leaders have praised the Government’s plans for the national broadband network, experts have raised questions about the economic viability of the network and whether the ambitious eight-year timeline can actually be met. – Read more

Broadband plan will change Australia forever: Gottliebsen

I think it likely that one way or another Australia is going to be flooded with broadband capacity, slashing prices. Low cost broadband will bring dramatic change to the way we live and the way we conduct business.- Read more

How your business will benefit from the national broadband network

The announcement that the Government will spend $43 billion to build a national fibre-to-the-home broadband network has shocked and thrilled the business community.  Read more

A broadband revolution

The first thing Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner did this morning when I asked him about the massive $43 billion broadband network announcement was chuckle. Read more

Federal Government will build national broadband network

The Federal Government has shocked the telecommunication and IT sector be announcing will partner with private companies to spend $43 billion to build the national broadband network. Read more…

The NBN will change business: Lindsay Tanner

Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner says the $43 billion national broadband network will have a major impact on Australia’s small and medium businesses. Read more… 

Experts say Government has got broadband network technology right

Broadband and technology experts have overwhelmingly embraced the Federal Government’s announcement that it will create a new company to a deliver a fibre-to-the-home national broadband network. Read more…

The national broadband network form guide

The mystery surrounding the national broadband network (NBN) will end this week when the winner is revealed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy. Read more…

Telstra won’t take national broadband network dumping lying down: Bartholomeusz

Just in case the aspiring builders of the national broadband network (NBN) were under any illusions about Telstra’s response. Read more


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