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Radiohead’s new album sets profitable new course; Apple opens a door on the iPhone; and much more.

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Ben Prendergast

In Rainbows: How’s it doing? Radiohead this week released their online-only record, In Rainbows, pricing it at $USas-much-as-you-want-to-pay, and subsequently took in an estimated $US9 million in sales (average of $US4 per download) in its first few days.

Radiohead this week released their online-only record, , pricing it at $USas-much-as-you-want-to-pay, and subsequently took in an estimated $US9 million in sales (average of $US4 per download) in its first few days.

This might not sound like much, but consider that most major artists only make between $1 and $US3 per record. I love these guys, just a really great band, kicking it with a really great album, representing a cause (record industry reform) just as vehemently as their rock-and-roll forefathers might have. It does beg the question though: was the album named for an available domain name? Life imitating art imitating domain name registration.

iPhone to be opened for third party apps. Chalk one up for the customer today, with Apple announcing they will offer a Software Development Kit for the iPhone by February. After months of negative feedback on the closed-system, it’s great to see another step toward an open mobile computing infrastructure.

Skype partners with MySpace. Global IP-Phone giant Skype this week announced a partnership with MySpace, allowing 110 million active users to make free calls. Also this week I hear mention of Naked ADSL plans. The decline of the home phone? I know I recently canceled my home phone line in favour of a Melbourne-based Skype number ($12 per year sounds like a good phone plan?).

Facebook all set to take on LinkedIn. Facebook this week announced it will be targeting commercial users looking to network, which represents a fair challenge on the commercial networking site LinkedIn.com

Wooster Collective. This week represents Melbourne Street Art. I thought I’d also add some light-hearted street-art culture to this here tech blog, courtesy of the fantastic Wooster Collective blog.

This week they bring us two Melbourne corporate crate-people attempting to go AWOL (Liberal Party Front benchers?). Also checkout the drain-people piece, inspired!


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