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The iPhone isn’t the only big news on the hot-tech front. Check out these wicked players…

Escaping the iHole

As far as tech news gets, this last week has been as homogenous as fast food, with no stone left unturned regarding the iPhone launch.

These guys worked out how to run iPhone without a phone plan, another team pulled one apart and evaluated the cost value ($US220), and Cnet estimated 500,000 were sold in the first weekend (that’s an estimated weekend net-profit of $US150-300 million folks).

Do you think Apple will make its estimated sales of 10 million in the first year? I do.

But if you can squint past the limelight, here are some other players worth a mention this week:

1. down2night – A google map overlay of a city with every party/hotspot listed in real time. Very socialnetworky-mashupy (that’s a tech term). Google overlays are hot right now, for a real world (local) example, check out this Tasmanian tourism example.

2. Google takes on Michael Moore – When corporate blogging and transparency send you head-to-head with America’s market-changing liberalist voice. A cautionary tale for those CEOs heading down the complete transparency path.

3. Wanna join the Australian Navy? – This is The Sims meets high-school career counsellor (that girl looks uncomfortable though; someone get her a seat). THEY WANT YOU! …to check it out.

4. West Australian inventor Graeme Attey is bringing wind energy to the homeowner, with this home-wind turbine set up. Interestingly, he’s also the inventor of the Dirtsurfer. Let’s all give Graeme a “huzzah” for acting in the interests of both greenies and adrenaline junkies the world over.

5. Finally, you think the iPhone is big news? The Wii continues to sell out in the US after seven months of being on the market. Now THAT’s traction (I know of one particular Melbourne studio that has replaced its weekly gym workout with a team-Wii session; could this be the new Twister?).


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