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There are plenty of gift ideas for the home-based entrepreneur in your life. Here are some must-haves and some stocking fillers…

Top 20 best Christmas gifts for the home-based business operator

Jane Shelton

1. Massage or day spa experience – to release all the stress and tension of running your own home based business.

2. Mystery flight with family or partner to a luxurious destination – no internet access allowed during the stay – a time out experience city or country based.

3. A new ultra-portable laptop (less than 1.5kg, pictured right), desktop computer and flat screen or server upgrade with software installed and wireless internet access established, plus the offer to deal with the technical services division of suppliers if something goes wrong.

4. The newest and best, brightest and most up-to-date mobile phone (right) and organiser/diary, already loaded with all phone numbers and important dates.


5. For him or her – lap top bag (below). For him – briefcase or leather organiser, for her – A4 sized handbag – stylish and compact to carry meeting notes and the usual handbag stuff or cabin luggage bag with wheels and lightweight.

6. Desk and stationary organiser items (below) – mobile phone holder, stationary holders – eg George Jensen Wave or a great pen.

7. Built-in desk, draws and shelving, (oops, maybe too late, only 15 days till Christmas).

8. Membership of a like-minded network group or club to beat the loneliness blues.

9. Training vouchers for skills upgrade try Australian Institute of Company Directors or Australian Institute of Management.

10. In car navigator (right) – get him or her to the meeting on time and stress free.


11. A USB storage device with fingerprint security (above).

12. Office plant, for home based business operators with a brown thumb, try a cactus or succulent.

13. Mousepad with built in speaker phone (below).

14. Pay TV subscription (with a permanent lock on the channel with Oprah) and (below) plasma.

15. Webcam for the laptop to keep in touch with the extended family and business associates or digital camera – great for capturing business ideas. If he/she hasn’t got it already – upgrade to broadband for faster business connectivity.

16. MP3 or iPod for maintaining sanity while working around rowdy family members.

17. Real coffee espresso machine.

18. Housekeeper/cleaner for a year.

19. Down payment on a mortgage for your kids (buys back your peace and harmony to expand your business).

20. Books on business or a passionate interest or magazine subscription – business related or fun time. If all else fails, go the book voucher or failing that, JB Hi-Fi for a time-out moment.

Let me know any other ideas you have for great home based business gifts.

And thanks to Ben Prendergast, our resident tech bloggist for the inspiration for my blog this week.


Dr Jane Shelton not only runs a business from home but is doing business research into people working from home. She is managing director of Marshall Place Associates, Melbourne’s independent think tank, and CEO (honourary) for ‘Life. Be in it.’ International. Shelton has a Doctorate in Business Administration at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) at Swinburne University of Technology after a Master of Arts in Public Policy at Melbourne University and a Bachelor of Business in banking and finance at Monash University.

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