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The response to the weekend movie launch shows how SLCN is becoming a force that is making the other media take notice. How will it make money? Stay tuned.


Show me the money

A lot has been happening. Over the weekend we broadcast the Transformers movie launch in Second Life. It was carried by top portals like Yahoo! and MSN as featured content and had the largest audience of any webcast event we have ever done, even during the heyday of the dot-com era.

It was the first time SLCN got front-page billing for an event like this. We also aired our first resident-produced show, Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, which adds to SLCN’s Sunday lineup, along with many new shows in the works, which will appear over the next few weeks. In a short time, SLCN has become the only true “TV network” in Second Life, with news coverage, events coverage, and co-produced programming.

The time has come to start answering all those money questions everybody is blogging about. How do you make money in Second Life? I can’t reveal all the details of our business planning, but it promises to be an interesting month ahead as we validate our plan with potential partners and investors.

The timing is good. I do regular Google News searches on “second life”, and the tone of articles is changing rapidly. People have stopped talking about “why” and are now talking about “how”. Yesterday’s New York Times article, A Brave New World for TV, highlights not only the challenges but the obvious importance of Second Life to traditional media companies.

The article is even so bold to say that Second Life will let television companies make up for lost time and compensate for their lack of vision in past internet-based ventures. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted on our activities. Wish me luck!

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