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Entrepreneurs today have no choice but to be on top of the latest trends and events in the online world. Did you keep up?

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Entrepreneurs today have no choice but to be on top of the latest trends and events in the online world. The likes of Facebook and eBay were in the news this week – did you keep up? If not, you’ll struggle to ace this week’s quiz – perhaps it’s time to hire a Gen-Y?



1. Which online trading website this week provoked fury from its users by announcing they will be required to use the PayPal online payment system?

a) Google
b) Amazon.com
c) eBay

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2. The Federal Government this week announced plans to introduce laws to allow employers to check their employees’ email. What does the Government say is the reason for the laws? (And what is your view on these laws? Take our poll.)

a) To help employers catch out employees spending too much time on personal email.
b) To help employers ensure business secrets aren’t leaked to the competition via email.
c) To help employers stop employees using their email for terrorist activities.

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3. Which multinational conglomerate triggered falls on markets in the US and Australia earlier this week when it announced a 12% fall in first quarter profits after previously forecasting double digit growth?

a) JP Morgan.
b) General Electric.
c) Chrysler.

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4. Which bank upset the mortgage broking industry this week by unilaterally announcing a cut to broker commissions?

a) NZ Bank.
b) Commonwealth Bank.
c) Westpac Bank.

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5. A US Government investigation this week revealed which restricted items were being sold on online trading sites such as eBay?

a) Cigars and other luxury items from Cuba.
b) Military gear such as night vision goggles.
c) Equipment for manufacturing drugs.

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6. A survey of employees this week revealed that many would choose not to work for an employer with a policy banning which activity?

a) Taking smoking breaks.
b) Accessing online social networks such as Facebook.
c) Taking time-off in lieu of overtime.

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7. Official statistics released this week revealed that Australian alcohol consumption patterns changed over the past year. Which beverage declined in popularity and which enjoyed the biggest increase?

a) Wine consumption went down and ready to drink (RTD) pre-mixed drinks went up.
b) Beer went down and wine went up.
c) RTDs went down and wine went up.

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8. According to data released by Residex this week, average property prices across the nation increased slightly in March. Which was the only state or territory to see prices fall?

a) NSW.
b) ACT.
c) SA.

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9. The High Court this week heard a case concerning taxation that could have ramifications for a wide range of businesses. Which tax is involved?

a) Company tax.
b) Goods and services tax.
c) Payroll tax.

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10. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been faced more than one legal challenge since the social network hit the big time a year or two ago. Which new legal challenge was launched against the site this week?

a) A petition was filed in the US by a former classmate seeking to annul Zuckerberg’s legal claim to the “Facebook” name.
b) A writ was filed in the US claiming damages from Zuckerberg for a breach of website idea patented by a former classmate.
c) A writ was filed in the US claiming Zuckerberg defamed a former classmate.

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How did you go? Click here for the answers, and if you’re brave enough let me know how you did by sending in a comment using the field below.


The Quizmaster is young, sharp and business savvy – or at least he thinks he is – and loves nothing more than testing the know-how of his fellow entrepreneurs. Love him or hate him, he doesn’t care – but answer all 10 questions of his weekly business quiz correctly and he’ll be quick to recognise you as a fellow member of the business cogniscenti. Think of him as your business knowledge personal trainer.



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