Samantha McDonald

I have been so completely snowed under that I noticed little cracks starting to appear… the solution was right under my nose.

Delegation can work everywhere

Are you still doing everything around your house, as well as running a business and building your empire?

Recently, I found that I was running from here to there, running a business, endeavouring to get to the gym and have a little me-time, slotting in some time with my partner and my friends, as well as competing for the award of “Most Organised Mum in the World”.

Yeah, right! Not only did I find that I was completely snowed under and overwhelmed, but I started to notice cracks in little things I was doing.

I sent out a proposal that wasn’t quite right, I had a coaching session with a client and wasn’t completely present, and I came home in the evening to a house that smelled like apricot chicken because I’d left last night’s dinner sitting in the oven. Not good…

Now, I have to say I’m not the most domestic of women anyway, but things around the house were beginning to really get me down, and that was affecting my work life.

So… I did what I’d told so many of my clients to do before… I got a cleaner!

I love this woman! She comes in on a Thursday to a third world bomb zone and leaves me a shiny, sparkly, fresh home three hours later. Ah, bliss! Why didn’t I think of this before?

OK, so it would be better if she came in every two days to pick up after us, but seriously, the energy in our home on a Thursday night is fantastic! It is incredible what a difference a tidy, clean house makes.

If you are someone who does it all – makes light work of your business, relationship, family and house – I take my hat off to you. If you’re not, there’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to learn how to delegate.

And, for me, I think I’ll stick with delegating the housework, thanks!


Samantha McDonald started off her working life in the music industry in Adelaide before moving to Sydney to work in recruitment and training. At 28, she became a personal and business coach and started Dare Coaching & Seminars.

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