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SmartCompany Crown Lager Business Start Up Awards 2009


Are you the next big thing?

Welcome to the SmartCompany Crown Lager Business Start-Up Awards 2009, which have one aim: to unearth Australia’s most exciting, new and innovative businesses. At SmartCompany, we are passionate about entrepreneurship and skilled at discovering the next big thing or the new idea that will reshape the industry. The SmartCompany Crown Lager Business Start-Up Awards 2009 allows us to measure business achievement and reveal those young businesses – often just a few years old – that are already having an impact on industry and the people behind them.

The entrepreneurs may still be at university or in their 50s. They may be born globals or starting small with big ambitions. But one thing they have in common, which we’ll see in abundance at the award ceremony to be held this year at Crown Towers in Melbourne, is their passion and vision to build tomorrow’s brands.

Amanda GomeSo how do you measure up? If you think you can be a winner of the SmartCompany Crown Lager Business Start-Up Awards 2009, enter now.

Amanda Gome


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