The Audacity to Fail podcast episode five: Boost Juice founder Janine Allis on leading a company through its darkest days

In the fifth episode of The Audacity to Fail, Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank judge Janine Allis reveals what it takes to lead a company through its darkest days.

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Since leaving school at 16 to become one of Australia’s most successful business stories, Allis’ strong leadership has helped grow Boost Juice to where it is today.

To Allis, failure is one of the most crucial learning tools in business.

A leader that cares enough and takes responsibility to grow from each vital lesson will have the power to navigate their team through any challenge, great or small.

“What people look for in life, in war, in business, in everything, is a leader,” she says.

Series finale next Thursday at 6pm.

Music by Bunny Noir and Yesterday’s Cub.

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