Podcast series: The Audacity to Fail

The Audacity to Fail iTunes podcast: Stylerunner CEO Julie Stevanja on shifting the perfectionist mindset to embrace failure

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In the second episode of The Audacity to Fail, we’re joined by one of the youngest leading retail entrepreneurs in the world.

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Stylerunner co-founder and CEO Julie Stevanja reveals her startup’s earliest flop and the crucial lesson it gave her in building the world’s first pure play active wear aggregator platform.

Stevanja reveals practical tips on the lean startup approach, using failure as a process of discovery and how she shifted her perfectionist mindset to get things done.

“One of the things I say is fail quickly, and it’s just data,” she says.

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Dinushi Dias

Dinushi Dias is a freelance journalist and a former StartupSmart reporter and multimedia content producer. She is the co-founder of Melbourne-based production house Dinushi & Power.