Mapping the Eureka moment

Apple products treeWhere do good ideas come from? Many entrepreneurs vaguely cite flashes of inspiration for their businesses, but it is possible to identify a process to idea generation.


A great example are these eight steps to working out how great ideas catch people’s attention.


Want a tangible example? Fine. How about this account of how unhappiness with the look of Google Reader inspired the creation of tech start-up Pulse?


Two entrepreneurs who have had plenty of great ideas are Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch.


However, their respective businesses have experienced contrasting weeks, with Apple’s record quarterly profits following a torrid week for News Corporation, which is mired in a phone hacking scandal.


For a fresh take on these two companies, check out this colourful “tree” that charts Apple’s product releases and take a look at News Corp’s revenue breakdown to see why Rupert was so keen to get hold of 100% of BSkyB.

If you are a bit daunted by the likes of Murdoch and Jobs, as well as inspired tales of up-and-comers such as, do not be downbeat.


As this enlightening piece demonstrates, you aren’t running out of time to come up with a winning business idea. So take your time and get it right.


On its jaunt around the interwebs, Weekend Reads was intrigued by the launch of a business incubator for teens as well as this insight into the broadband challenges faced by start-ups in New Zealand.


Our eye was also caught by this doughnut-shaped representation of the world’s most popular email providers and a compelling argument as to why your business should drop its job titles.


Finally, if your business displays one of these five warning signs, it’s time for you to stop reading this and go and do something about it.


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