Replicating the Zuckerberg effect

Randi ZuckerbergDoes the entrepreneurial Midas touch run in the genes? Randi Zuckerberg certainly thinks so, judging by her exit from Facebook this week.


Zuckerberg is starting her own business, RtoZ Media, which will help other companies improve their social media presence.


Whether her brother Mark will miss the departed marketing director remains to be seen, but either way he will be busy focusing on the brewing battle with Google+, the newest social player in town. Here’s an interesting take on why he shouldn’t be too worried.


At the time of writing, it’s not clear whether Hollie Bannatyne will follow her father, millionaire leisure empire owner and Dragon’s Den panellist Duncan, into the entrepreneurial world.


However, given Duncan’s recent hard-man routine on Twitter it’s unlikely that anyone will want to double-cross Hollie should she decide to start a business.


One youngster who is taking the plunge is Andrew Hsu, who has followed the mildly impressive feat of graduating from the University of Washington with three degrees by the age of 16 by creating a new Silicon Valley start-up, Airy Labs. One to keep an eye on.



Google chairman Eric Schmidt, a comparative veteran of the tech space, continues to bolster the next generation of web entrepreneurs. Here’s a great insight into his new VC fund.


Start Fund in the US are also throwing money at promising newcomers, $9 million so far this year, to be exact, although you may want to read these 10 perfectly valid reasons why you shouldn’t seek investors for your start-up before getting too envious.


The cream of Australia’s blogging talent converged on Melbourne last weekend for the Nuffnang Blogopolis. If you spoke or even just attended, you can download one of these cool online badges.


It’s also worth reading this hilarious 10-step process of the deluded start-up.


Finally, the winner of the non-official Coolest Office Chair of the Week award? Tech start-up Kogan.


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