Testing the iPhone 5’s entrepreneurial charms

start-up-idea-apple-perfumeThis week, Apple’s rivals have been scrambling to demonstrate that they have genuine rival offerings to the tech giant’s all-conquering iPhone and iPad products.


The spotlight will be all Apple’s next week, however, when the company unveils its highly anticipated iPhone 5. But should businesses bother with getting the device?


There are plenty of rumours on how the new iPhone will differ from its predecessors, such as a larger screen, faster processor and new near field communications.


So will these improvements make for a better entrepreneurial tool? This Entrepreneur.com piece explains all.


How is your company culture? If you feel it needs a revamp, or are yet to instil one, then it’s worth reading this great article on the 10 ways ad agency Grey turned around its ethos to embrace creativity and innovation.


Terrified of public speaking? Then try out these eight top tips on how to give a winning speech.


Kickstarter may be regularly hailed as a panacea for start-ups’ funding worries, but the crowdfunding site has generated a few horror stories too, as this story points out.


Finally, would you take business advice from celebrity mag regular Kim Kardashian? No, probably not, but just in case you did, check this out.


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