The rise of the New York tech scene and terrible VC meetings

Weekend ReadsWant to make it big in New York with your web start-up? Well, according to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, now is the time to do it.


If you do make your first billion rather than end up destitute and penniless in Times Square, you will have probably avoided these seven signs of failure for tech start-ups and not been part of one of the 12 worst meetings between VCs and fund-seekers.


Some of the internet’s entrepreneurial big guns have been busy recently, with Sean Parker, founder of Napster and The Social Network’s baddie, explains why he tried to buy Warner Music while his old pal Mark Zuckerberg looks set to move Facebook further into the world of music, TV and other media content.


Locally, online innovation isn’t going quite so well, if you believe this rather scathing review of Fairfax’s new iPad app.

It could be worse. You could live in Ireland. Now, don’t get Weekend Reads wrong – it loves a pint of the black stuff as much as anyone, but the economy isn’t in great shape and jobs hard to come by.


The solution? One jobseeker has taken it upon himself to spend around $2,000 on a billboard ad asking employers to give him a position to prevent him emigrating overseas in search of work.


A short leap across to the UK and Brent Hoberman, founder of, gives his entrepreneurial tips in this interesting interview.


What else caught the eye this week? Well, there’s the new Twitter feature that allows you to get updates on the people who famous figures follow. Here, for example, is basketball superstar LeBron James’ followers.


Here are six reasons, as if you needed them, to love the internet and here is a great analysis of why all revenue isn’t created equal.


Finally, do you take satirical news site Onion seriously? We really do hope not.


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