The secrets behind the best restaurant in the world

weekend-reads-el-bulliIt served 47-course dinners and was so fiendishly difficult to get in that people eager to eat there had an estimated 0.08% chance of getting a reservation the same year.


El Bulli in Spain was an interesting business, as well as culinary, case study in how to create a top brand desired by people around the world.


The restaurant may have closed down last year, but a new documentary sheds light on the secrets behind El Bulli’s success.


Favourite fact: El Bulli took all of its bookings on a single day of the year, with 8,000 diners plucked from two million requests.


Fancy quitting your job and setting up a restaurant, or any other sort of business, yourself? If so, a great springboard into the venture would be to get your boss to fund it.


Yes, it may sound like lunacy, but the person who will be losing you as an employee may be happy to fund your breakaway. Here’s how one entrepreneur achieved this feat.


A major challenge for start-ups is finding skilled staff at affordable salaries. Your sales team is an area you want to be firing on all cylinders but you could be doing better by going for the rookies. Here’s three reasons why untrained salespeople could boost your business.


A mobile app will overtake Facebook, apps will be made for TVs and Android will decline – here are some of the top predictions for the mobile market.


Finally, where do logos go to die? Here, apparently.


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