Valentine’s Day Pty. Ltd.

This past Valentine’s Day saw countless brands jump on the romance bandwagon, despite the growing cynicism of Australian consumers.


Why do they still do it? Well, it may be due to the fact that the average person spends $126 for February 14, with men spending double that of women, as this pink-tinged infographic shows.


The surge in interest in Pinterest is a more recent trend, and one that Weekend Reads appears to see everywhere.


But what is this latest social media widget? And does it have any actual use for businesses? This blog post has a pretty good stab at explaining the marketing benefits of Pinterest.


Another hot area of innovation is clean energy technology. This week, the participants of leading eco accelerator Greenstart were unveiled, providing a good insight into what’s hot in the world of renewable businesses.


Generally speaking, you should do a job you’re passionate about, right? That’s not always the case, as LinkedIn’s founder explains in this interesting piece.


You may have a great start-up, but are you a great CEO? Here’s what to do if you think the answer is no.


Finally, can you pivot faster than your competitors? Do you even know what pivoting is? Either way, here are three ways to do it.


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